Beer Drinkers with a Bible Fetish–EP 19–special guest Carmen talking about the Muslim faith

So last night we had a special guest on the show, Carmen Torzon. Carmen is a long time friend of Jeff(since elementary school). Carmen came on to talk about his faith in Islam. Carmen converted to Islam from Catholicism while in his 20’s. In this video podcast Carmen will talk about why he converted and what his beliefs are with Islam.

Beer Drinkers with a Bible Fetish–EP 18–UFC and beyond

We talk about the Church and politics and along with the UFC and the recent events that occurred this weekend.

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Beer Drinkers with a Bible Fetish–EP 16–Id-a-HO beer and Vegas tips

We are all back home for this show. Jeff came back from Idaho with a Huckleberry beer that was very interesting. Also, we decided to give some tips to visitors that come to Vegas on the best way to get around. Enjoy and leave some comments:

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